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At Holding Redlich, great law is our starting point

We provide solutions tailored to our clients’ needs, underpinned by the very best legal thinking and expert industry knowledge.

But it takes much more than great law to build enduring partnerships - our aim with every client.

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We provide solutions tailored to our clients’ needs

underpinned by the very best legal thinking and expert industry knowledge.

We have a personal stake in our clients' success

and a commitment to quality in everything we do for them.

We have an informal culture

which values respect and collaboration.

Holding Redlich recognised as a thought leader by Lexology

Holding Redlich recognised as a thought leader by Lexology

We are delighted to have been named as as a thought leader in the areas of Employment – Australasia, Infrastructure – Australasia, and TMT – Australasia by Lexology in their latest content marketing awards. And congratulations to construction & infrastructure partner Suzy Cairney who has been recognised as the exclusive 'Legal Influencer' for the category of ‘Infrastructure - Australasia’. Lexology distributes legal-themed updates and bulletins, including articles written by Holding Redlich's lawyers, to its subscribers, publishing more than 450 articles daily that have been supplied by over 800 law firms and service providers. 


Recent Posts

18 April 2019 - Knowledge

Cybersquatter alert: how to protect your domain name and brand from cybersquatting

#Intellectual Property, #Dispute Resolution & Litigation

We take a look at cybersquatting and how to take action against cybersquatters through the World Intellectual Property Organisation Arbitration and Mediation Centre

17 April 2019 - Knowledge

Inside track: Healthcare

#Construction & Infrastructure

The Australian Medical Association has warned that current Pharmacy Board of Australia (PBA) proposals to allow pharmacist prescribing represent a "fundamental undermining" of the national governance framework and process for non-medical health practitioners to apply to prescribe.

16 April 2019 - Knowledge

NSW Government Bulletin


The NSW ICAC is seeking public input as part of a new investigation it is conducting into the regulation of lobbying, access and influence in NSW (Operation Eclipse), releasing a discussion paper, Enhancing the democratic role of direct lobbying in NSW.

16 April 2019 - Knowledge

Inside track: Planning, Environment & Sustainability

#Planning, Environment & Sustainability

The controversial plan to build an Apple store at Melbourne's Federation Square is doomed after heritage authorities blocked it because it would "adversely" affect the cultural heritage of the square

16 April 2019 - Knowledge

Australian Government allows programs produced for online streaming to access two important tax incentives

#Technology, Media & Communications

The Australian Government has decided to alter its interpretation of the relevant taxation legislation to allow television series and mini-series which are produced for streaming to the public on online platforms to qualify for the Location Offset and the Post, Digital and Visual Effects (PDV) Offset. The decision applies to applications for those Offsets received from 11 April 2019.

16 April 2019 - Knowledge

Inside track: Competition and Consumer Law

#Competition & Consumer Law

The regulator singled out providers like AIG, Suncorp, Allianz and QBE Insurance for past unfair conduct. Enforcement actions subsequently taken by ASIC led to more than $100 million being recovered for consumers from a number of insurers. However, the Australian Law Action Centre (ALAC) claims Australians could still be owed more than $1 billion in oversold, misleading or unsuitable add-on insurances forcibly sold over the last 10 years

16 April 2019 - Knowledge

Industrial manslaughter to become a criminal offence in Victoria

#Workplace Relations & Safety

Victoria is the latest state to make industrial manslaughter a criminal office, with employers who are found to be negligent to face a maximum of 20 years' imprisonment. Fines of up to $16 million will apply for corporate offenders.

16 April 2019 - Knowledge

Queensland Government Bulletin


The legal profession and the community have called for changes to the family law system. In response, the Courts are taking a major step to improve family law in Australia. This includes establishing, for the first time, a common set of rules, forms and case management in the Family Court of Australia and Federal Circuit Court of Australia.

15 April 2019 - Knowledge

The Master Code: Fatigue management

#Transport, Shipping & Logistics

Recently we discussed mass, load and dimension requirements under the Master Industry Code of Practice (Master Code) registered by the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator. In this article we’ll be looking at fatigue management.

15 April 2019 - Knowledge

Inside track: Work Health & Safety

#Workplace Relations & Safety

Electricity distribution company Powercor has entered a guilty plea and has been fined $374,000 for numerous powerline clearance breaches and three fires.

10 April 2019 - Knowledge

Residential Focus

#Property & Real Estate

Conditions across Australia’s construction sector remain weak, but they’re not quite as severe as they were earlier in the year. Activity levels for residential and commercial construction are going backwards but are stable for engineering firms.

09 April 2019 - Knowledge

Upcoming changes to migration legislation and 2019 federal budget highlights

#Immigration Law

We wrap up the key immigration announcements from the recent federal budget and also take a look at some upcoming legislative changes due to take effect from 17 April 2019.

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12 April 19 - In the News

Holding Redlich keeps Robertson at the helm

Ian Robertson AO has been re-elected as Holding Redlich’s national managing partner.

12 April 19 - In the News

Holding Redlich re-elects national managing partner

National firm Holding Redlich has re-elected its national managing partner for a second four-year stint.

10 April 19 - Media Release

Ian Robertson AO re-elected as Holding Redlich’s National Managing Partner

National law firm Holding Redlich has re-elected its National Managing Partner, Ian Robertson AO for a second four year term.